Arizona Dance Educators Action Research Initiative

Project Goal

The primary goal of the Arizona Dance Educators Action Research Initiative project is to engage Arizona dance educators in collaborative action research processes, or a reflective study of teaching experiences, curricular ideas and pedagogical approaches aimed to bring more empowering, student-centered, emancipatory, and socio-culturally sensitive educational perspectives into K-12 dance classrooms in Arizona. In addition, we aim to share the various outcomes of the project in national and international dance education arenas.

Action Research Facilitating Director:
Becky Dyer, Arizona State University Department of Dance
Contact information: ude.usa|reyD.ykceB#ude.usa|reyD.ykceB / (480) 755-0742 or (480) 710-0003

Collaborating Research Director and K-12 Dance Educator Networking:
Lynn Monson, President, Arizona Dance Education Organization
Contact Information: ten.xoc|nosnoml#ten.xoc|nosnoml / (480) 961-3160

Projected outcomes of the project:

1. Create an educational documentary highlighting the project which will include teachers’ interviews, group experiences and discussions, high school classroom video footage and student interviews, possible student performance excerpts etc.
2. Co-present a workshop at the National Dance Education Organization Conference in NYC, June 09 in order to make dance education initiatives in Arizona visible to the national population and promote the upcoming outcomes of the project.
3. Present a workshop at the National Dance Education Organization Conference at ASU in Fall 2010.
3. Publish papers as contributing authors in national and international dance education and dance research journals.
2. Publish a book of teacher’s narratives, student stories and pedagogical reflections, woven together with educational and social theory to be used as a resource for dance teachers, teaching methods courses and pedagogical research.
3. Publish a book of lesson plan ideas and curriculum that has been developed by the participants related to the themes of student empowerment, student activism and sociocultural awareness.

Professional Development Hours
Participants will earn upper division professional development hours through the Arizona State University Department of Dance. If your district requires official course credits to appear on a transcript, we can award those credits retroactively.

Collaborative Research Project Timeline:

The first group session will be on Monday, February 16th from 1-4 at a central phoenix high school (TBA as soon as it is confirmed). We’ll be videotaping the initial group discussion for inclusion in the documentary. We will meet approximately three times as a group from now until school is out.

Interviews will be conducted with participating teachers within the next two weeks at each teacher’s school if possible. We can try to schedule your interview during your prep hour if that is convenient.

We would like to explore other venues for sharing our project and the documentary in Arizona. For example at ASU and community colleges, Arizona Department of Education Arts Conference, district arts in service trainings and arts coordinator meetings, or perhaps at your schools. We hope to distribute the documentary internationally to be used as a resource in teacher training and teacher education programs etc.

Please email Becky Dyer if you are interested in participating in the project at ude.usa|reyD.ykceB#ude.usa|reyD.ykceB. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Becky Dyer or Lynn Monson.

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